What if we put the power of kindness to work for children, animals, and those afflicted by illness?

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What if we all came together…

to create life-changing acts of kindness for those in need? We believe that together we can do more.

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so you knew that every donation received was given to those in need? Donor trust is important so we make a bold commitment.

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What if we focused on helping those who need it most…

like children, animals, and those afflicted by illness. We make a direct impact with help from people like you.

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What if we told you…

all of these things are happening, right here, right now, at the Be Kind Project. Join us and commit to kindness.


A new partnership.

Be Kind Project is happy to announce a new $1.25M patient assistance fund in partnership with Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center to assist individuals diagnosed with breast cancer. It will aid those in need of treatments and assistance that are not covered by insurance.

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