spacer Amigo's Legacy to Live On
October 3, 2007 - Nassau Tribune

amigo and frances hayward
Photo by Tim Aylen

From the Nassau Tribune: The life of potcake star Amigo may have ended, but his mission and legacy shall live on, according to his owner, Frances Singer-Hayward.

Ms. Hayward said she was "unbelievably touched" by the virtual outpouring of support of messages she received over Amigo's death not only from people in the Bahamas, but from all over the US as well. "It is so incredible to me that Amigo, in his short lifetime, was able to touch so many hearts and I want to thank everyone who responded in such an incredibly kind way. It was a great personal to comfort me as I was devastated beyond all description by his passing."

She further stated that 'Amigo's Mission' -- that of "making the world a better place for potcakes" -- and all animals and challenged beings, by raising awareness will be one she will spend her lifetime trying to perpetuate. Ms. Hayward announced the formation of "The Friends of Amigo Foundation" which she will use to further these causes "which is what Amigo stood for in his lifetime."

Ms. Hayward spoke of Amigo's incredible bravery as he shouldered on in the face of his illness, how he dealt with his 'three-legged status' with such valor, never letting it stop him or slow him down. Even at the famed Animal Medical Center who treat as their 'patients' the cream of NY Society's pets, Amigo was a star. "When I walked him out for what we all knew would be his last visit, the doctors and nurses lined up and all said "good-bye Amigo.""

Amigo was originally found as a starving, diseased potcake pup whom Ms. Hayward rescued, rehabilitated and turned him into AMIGO.

One must never forget, she further stated "that Amigo was just a little stray potcake by the side of the road, no different from so many others that one tragically encounters, and look at the treasures that were discovered, all of which would have been lost, had he not been given his chance." Ms. Hayward further stated that "Amigo represents the rich and unlimited potential of our Bahamian potcakes" and she "hopes that his amazing accomplishments will make us all more appreciative of this precious breed whom so many of us take for granted."

A memorial service for Amigo was held on Grand Bahama Island.