"Had it not been for that providential split second of timing that had him cross my path that very moment all would have been lost... he doomed to a life of endless, endless suffering and I, deprived of the joy of knowing him... "
Frances Hayward, Amigo's Human

amigo bio
AMIGO Commemorative Stamp based on a painting by renowned Bahamian artist Alton Lowe, issued by the Government of the Bahamas as a fitting tribute to this gallant little potcake who, 'in his own sweet way' was able to make a difference...

AMIGO was a young former stray 'Bahamian Potcake'* found starving and diseased on Grand Bahama Island. Little more than skin and bones, face etched in misery, covered in mange and filled with fear, he was rescued by BEKIND founder, Frances Hayward, then head of The Humane Society of Grand Bahama.

alec baldwin amigo
AMIGO, after rescue in 2001 and AMIGO in 2004, featured in a HSGB ad run in a Dupuch Publications Tourist Magazine

Physically rehabilitated, AMIGO, with his adorable looks and sweet, extroverted personality became the perfect poster dog/star for The Humane Society of Grand Bahama's National Awareness Campaign. Soon his face was everywhere as he became a major media personality in the Bahamas, referred to as 'Potcake Star Amigo' as well as an Ambassador of Hope on behalf of homeless and challenged animals.

wayne pacelle and frances hayward
Film star Alec Baldwin presents the "Ambassador of Goodwill" award to Amigo at ARF Gala in Southampton, New York

Taking his message abroad, AMIGO lived an amazing, madcap, purposeful life, hobnobbing with celebrities, partnering with the Humane Society of the United States in our BEKIND Campaign, appearing on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, featured in magazine and newspaper articles, flying across America in his very own first class seat as a 'celebrity pet,' receiving the Ambassador of Goodwill award from ARF (Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons) presented by film star Alec Baldwin, starring in two Mardi Gras Parades, appearing in Public Service Announcements along with HSUS President Wayne Pacelle and Hip Hop Impresario Russell Simmons, receiving the Hollywood Life Breakthrough Award from actress Alicia Silverstone, commandeering his own Rescue Mission, "The Amigo Express" after Hurricane Katrina, and walking the catwalk in fashion shows to benefit homeless animals, only to finally succumb in Septemeber 2007 after a brave battle with cancer.

AMIGO'S FUND ( has recently been established to keep AMIGO'S wonderful legacy alive by giving others like him a chance, thus perpetuating his 'mission' of making the world a kinder and better place for us all.

*potcake: Bahamian term for mongrel dogs, native to the Bahamas. The term 'potcake' refers to the cake that forms at the bottom of the pot of 'peas and rice,' (a Bahamian staple) which is typically fed to the dogs on the property.